D & D Dental Clinic follows strict protocols for maintenance of hygiene and prevention of infection in the dental operatory as per the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to ensure the safety of both the patient and all operatory personnel. All instruments undergo a three-step disinfection and sterilization protocol, packaging in separate sterilization pouches and storage in formalin chambers. Sterilization is monitored periodically using autoclave tape. All surfaces including dental units and operatory equipment items are protected with disposable single-use covers and cleaned and disinfected after each appointment. Patients are draped with patient aprons and disposable patient bibs which are discarded after each appointment. Single use plastic barriers are used while operating intraoral cameras and radiographic sensor. D & D Dental Clinic uses AERB approved low radiation digital DC X-ray machine to take radiographs. Lead aprons and thyroid collars are used by both the patient and the operator to further minimize any risk of radiation exposure. All personnel are required to wear protective garments and scrubs, disposable single-use gloves, surgical cap and disposable mask while treating patient. Operator masks and gloves are discarded after each appointment. The clinic uses disposable needles and syringes and ensures proper disposal of the same in a needle-disposal container. D & D Dental Clinic is registered with CARE B.M.W. (BMW Id : 397214) for scientific disposal of Bio-medical wastes generated at the premises in compliance to Gujarat Pollution Control Board and has successfully registered with GPCB (CBWTF No:007556, Valid UpTo:31/08/2020). D&D Dental clinic is a fire safe premises with 2 exits and an on-site fire extinguisher and sand bucket.

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